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The social media secret is now out of the bag. Companies all over the world no longer just rely on old-fashioned marketing or print ads to gain their business. Those who want to get ahead or even survive know the importance of including social media into their marketing mix.

Take Duck Dynasty, for instance. One of the secrets to their success is the focus they have on their social outlets.  Trending on Twitter is an important event that takes place before every show. When it’s happening on the Twitter platform, it’s most definitely going to be a success on the television network.

Social Media agencies are emerging left and right, claiming their “unique” strategies. Of course, brands know better than just to trust what they have to say as is needed in many cases. Brands need to know if they will be spending their money wisely by choosing your company to represent them. They need some proof and reliable data to help them understand how the online marketing strategies you present as a social media company can generate some business for them.

There are no better supporting factors towards a sales goal than proof. The likelihood that your client will ask for proof of your previous work or case study of some sort is really high. Marketing is always a gamble that most companies can’t afford to lose. In order for you to stand a chance of gaining your client’s trust, you must be able to provide them trustworthy data that will not only impress them but will help them understand your marketing lingo so that more realistic goals can be established.

One of our biggest marketing strategies involve the use of Twitter. We LOVE Twitter and get such a high from our ability to trend. Each of our posts and promotions are sent through our Twitter accounts a great many times, along with the number of bloggers who help us get the word out about whatever we want to promote. In order for us to know the value of each promotion, we need a system to be able to track our activities. Ever heard of

The creators of Keyhole understands what it means to be overwhelmed by social impressions. Not only that, but they also know what it’s like to be a startup company needing the right tools to get ahead. They started with a system to help themselves. Their confidence level built up after this system helped them achieve their goals. After a short while, the decision to share their secret with the world came into fruition.

Why We Love Keyhole

Keyhole has become one of our favorite social media tracking tools. Why?

  • It provides us with real-time tracks of social activities based on keywords, hashtags, or URL.
  • It provides us with information regarding our reach, number of social impressions, people who have shared information about a specific keywords, hashtags, or URL
  • It helps us understand our community better so that we can identify those who support us and those who engage with us
  • It provides us with a range of tracking dates based on our preference


  • Reports are easily downloadable and shareable so that we can provide our clients, friends, colleagues with all the necessary information in just easy clicks of a button.

How to Use Keyhole

One of the complaints I have about other tracking systems is the time I need to spend trying to figure stuff out. Keyhole understands this issue and has helped eliminate wasted valuable time by giving me all the necessary data I need in seconds. Just check out how easy it is to use:

Step 1: Create a Track


Step 2: Save and Continue with Track


Step 3: View List of Tracks

Just click on the link My Tracks above and click list of Tracks.


View all of your useful data:




  1. This is a great tool, I never heard of it before, It seems to look like you can see all your data, but I will check this out, Thanks a lot for the post,

  2. These seems like a very useful tool. It looks easy enough for me to use it (which says a lot because I don’t usually comprehend such things!)

  3. I will look at this after the new year. I hope it is easier than most of the number tracking tools. There is always something to learn!

  4. I have never heard of keyhole before. I really like that it tells you your tops posts!

  5. This post is perfect with the start of a new year around the corner. I plan to spend more time really taking a look at my social media reach/interaction. It sounds like might be the answer!

  6. Nice tool; it makes sense and look incredibly easy to use.

  7. Analyzing large amounts of date is so time consuming and can go over my head. I like that there are companies that can do it for me and make it easy for me to access. Sounds worth looking into for sure.

  8. What a great post! I’ll take all social media advice I can get!

  9. oh wow this sounds great, what a wonderful resource for bloggers! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out. I do a lot of Twitter parties so this will come in handy.

  11. what a great tool for tracking. I definitely need to do this next year.

  12. I’ve never heard of Keyhole. I’m just getting used to Twitter! Wow – things move so fast online!

  13. Bookmarked this so I can take a closer look after Christmas. Thank you for the great information! Can’t wait to test it out.

  14. My personal promise is to go on full throttle with blogging this coming new year. I will bookmark this page for reference. Thank you for sharing!

  15. This is awesome. I haven’t heard of this one before. I will have to try it out and see how it works. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for sharing this, I will try them now.

  17. Great tips! I am about to reach my “milestone” achievement in blogging and when I do, I will definitely take your advice. Thank you for the informative post!

  18. katherine bartlett says:

    This is actually really helpful. I never knew about this. I’ll have to check it out!

  19. I so needed this! I’ve never heard of Keyhole and this is something I could definitely use for my boutique that I will be launching next year. Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. Thank you for this detailed info about keyhole and stuff. It takes time to build your social network and tracking it is a bit tiring but it’s important if you want to see the progress on your site or business

  21. I have never heard of key hole but I’m definitely going to have to try it! I’ve been working on getting myself out there in the social media lately!

  22. Keyhole…what? You teach me something everytime I stop by! i feel SO behind the times.

  23. Great idea. I was looking for something like this.

  24. What a great tool! I have been looking for something like this, it will be very useful to show my clients what my reach is.

  25. Social listening is a crucial part of social media in business. This information is great and very useful,it seems that this is affordable tool for real-time social media monitoring and analytic offering a huge advantage and much more actionable insights.

  26. Never heard of keyhole before, so what else is new? I have added and added social media to my list of things to do in 2013, now it is really time to examine the metrics on a closer level than I can get with google analytics. Thanks for the read, very helpful.

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