10 Tips and Tricks on How to Gain Twitter Followers

Your Twitter followers can make a significant difference in your marketing reach.

The Social Media PanelHow Twitter works: the short and sweet version

Twitter involves a 140 character stream of information that appear from other members you follow. Yes, often times you can’t see them unless you are looking at your stream live. However, those who don’t want you to miss their tweets, may either mention you by inserting your username after the “@” character or sending you a direct message.

Tips on how to gain Twitter followers

1) Complete your profile information

Many people are very cautious about who sees their information on the web. If you have incomplete or suspicious accounts that could make you look like a potential spammer, your follow requests may be ignored.

2) Tweet as much relevant information to your profile as possible

Serious Twitter members don’t like to fill their streams with junk. Those who have very low ratio of following to followers tend to be the ones who pay closer attention to their Twitter streams. If you would like a possible chance in being part of these streams, you may want to make sure your tweets provide relevant information to what you have posted on your profile.

3) Follow others

Many of your favorite sites have Twitter lists they have created to organize their followers. Many of these followers have been followed, because they are either active or the members who put them in their lists have found some interest in them. If the list they are placed in interests you, you may want to follow some of the members in it. You may receive a small return on your follow list, but you are at least letting those you follow know about your existence by following them.

It’s never a bad thing to follow others back. It lets them know that you are acknowledging their presence. Some people simply don’t just follow because they don’t like clutter. That’s completely up to you to decide what benefits you best. However, many people may remove you from their follow list, simply for the fact that they don’t think you deserve to be followed if you are not going to return the favor.

There is always a benefit in having a large audience. Sometimes just because they don’t respond to your information, it doesn’t mean they won’t do so later on.

4) Retweets

A retweet begins with “RT”. Your Twitter profile has a place where you can view tweets you’ve sent out and have been retweeted by others. When this happens, courtesy by thanking or mentioning them lets them know that you care. It also lets others know you are paying attention.

5) Mentions

Mentions also have a section on your profile, where you can find out who has been nice enough to tell others about you. Mention others and they will most likely return the favor by following you or mentioning you to their followers as well.

6) Add a widget

Let your site visitors know about your Twitter account by placing a widget on an area of your site, where visitors can easily access this account.

Tricks on How to Gain Twitter followers

7) Post your Twitter handle in directories:

There are a list of great directories that help organize Twitter accounts. Be sure you place your Twitter handle in these places:

Twitter Counter
just tweet it

8) Promotions and giveaways

Many promotions and giveaways require certain mandatory tasks by participants to be filled prior to being qualified to win their prize. Hosts of giveaways are now providing links to their social networks for participants to either “follow” Twitter accounts, “like” Facebook pages, or any task they feel would help them gain future online exposure. Depending on the prize, the marketing techniques for the promotions or giveaway, and the tasks involved, followers can increase at a rapid and significant way or at a slow pace.

9) Apps and tools

There are apps and tools that can help you increase your followers. However, a caution must be considered as Twitter frowns upon abusive use of these apps and tools.


The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools provides a longer, more detailed list of Twitter tools.

10) Join forums and communities, and other social networks

Forums and communities help you communicate (sometimes even live) with others of like minds. This is one of the best forms of networking, when you can exchange more information than advertising clips about yours or their companies.

Not everyone posts the same information in all of their networks. Perhaps members of your other social networks, such as Facebook, may find interest in some of the lists, posts, or even other followers of your Twitter account. It doesn’t hurt to invite them.


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